Saturday, October 18, 2014


"I make myself rich by making my wants few." -Thoreau

Lately, it's been as if I am actually watching Henry get bigger right in front of my eyes.  It has always been mind-bending and bittersweet to watch him grow, but watching him transition from baby to toddler is a whole something else. 

At nine months, he's still very much a baby, letting me hold him in the middle of the night and laying his little hand on my heart as he swallows his midnight snack. In the middle of the night, he's mine, but in the light of the day, this boy only has eyes for independence and running at nothing but full speed.

We've been spending the autumn days together as a family and I feel powerfully fortunate.  Baking in the morning, enjoying a cup of coffee while the Henry finishes his cereal, taking walks together before we jump into work for the day. Henry watches us and subtly suggests his race car be added to a photo shoot or tags along like a trooper as we drag him around the city, in and out of neglected stores, digging for treasure and listening to bad country radio.  We break to play in the leaves, roll around on the living room floor and laugh, or make an impromptu wreath from our flower clippings.

We eat warm, hearty meals and follow them up with a long bubble bath, just like Henry likes.  We turn in early, tired and intoxicated by flannel sheets and a full day, prepared to start it all again in the morning. We count our blessings, embrace our simple life, and continue to dream of what the future may bring.  With so much uncertainty in our path, these moments are like gold, replacing every dollar of a steadier income stream tenfold.  Because even though it's not the road for everyone, it's proving to be an okay one for us.

Sunday, October 5, 2014


Fall weather gets me motivated in a way I assume others feel in spring or in the new year. I don't know if it's because of my birthday, the reminiscence of a fresh start school year, or the way everyone seems to fall into the predictable routine that disappears during the festive months of summer. Probably a combination of all of the above, but whatever the case- I'm rolling with it.

I'm juggling a whole new set of balls this year. Added to the list: mommy, homeowner, business babe. A few less pressing ones (social life) have been put in the closet temporarily, but only to make room for the early bedtimes and quiet creative evenings that have been begging to be a part of my life for too long without me listening.

Professional and house project goals aside, I really want to focus this year on appreciation. I've spent so much of my life striving, thinking about what's next and what's going on somewhere I'm not. Sure, it has gotten me motivated and helped me to achieve a lot of the things that I have today, but it's not a healthy fire to keep burning.

I want to set goals because they are what are right for me and for my family, not because someone else is/has x, y, or z. I want to view myself and my world with my own eyes and no one else's.

I haven't figured out quite how I'm going to do this. I imagine that breaking a habit 28 years in the making is not easy, but I'm going to try. And, well... I guess I'm going to have to appreciate the outcome.

See ya later, *FOMO.


| fōmō | noun
a state of mental or emotional strain caused by the fear of missing out.

Thursday, September 4, 2014


Hey, how are ya? It's been a minute. Sorry about that. Although, I'm sure those of you who have experienced moving into a new house, a renovation, launching your own business, or having a curious and mobile infant (or hey, all of the above) can understand my lack of minutes in the day. Anyway, enough with the excuses.

So, obviously, we are still working on the house. You can safely assume that we are always working on the house until I tell you that we aren't. It's a lot, but going well and shaping up a little more every day.

The kitchen is the most exciting changeover happening these days. Remember this guy before? This is obviously the in-between phase (paint samples, bad cabinetry), but it's steadily improving and showing itself to be a great room. Brian is piecing together the lower cabinets with second hand ones and is going to put all new fronts on so they match. The uppers are coming down and going to be replaced with some shelving. New countertops, a new window, back splash possibilities... it's all in the midst of getting juggled around.

The dining room pseudo-assembled itself miraculously one night after I basically lost it over it being the catch-all dump zone of home accessories. It's amazing what a clean space, record player, and wet bar can do for a woman's mood.

The living room is fairly settled, pack-n-play and all.

Even my sweet, sweet office is feeling breezy.

Sure, It's not all perfect, but it's progress. One tiny little step for the house and one giant step for my sanity.

And now, back to work! I promise to let you in a little more on what all of that entails very soon. In the meantime, Happy September! Let the month of my birthday celebrating begin.